What is a podcast?

A podcast is a radio program you can listen to when you like and in different ways on different devices. It can be made by big media companies, but just as well by independent individuals. Actually it is that simple 🙂

Back in the day when live radio was the way to listen to shows, someone thought about making a radio show that could be distributed digitally and played on media devices. The word podcast is made from “iPod” (the pocket music player from Apple) and “broadcast”, and together they form the new word “podcast”, as people downloaded audio files with the show and listened to it on the iPod.

As you no longer are dependent on the radio companies to distribute a show, it was suddenly possible for anyone to make a new show. And with that it was possible to make niche shows for smaller communities and narrow subjects, just like our podcast.

And being independent on the big companies, the creator can decide where to publish it like its own web page, or podcast platforms. Read more about the different ways to listen to our show.