13 – Special: Q & A with Ged Jones at Blackpool 2023

The Humming Projector
The Humming Projector
13 – Special: Q & A with Ged Jones at Blackpool 2023

This special episode is a recording of the Q&A session with Ged Jones, former director at Derann, and Adrian Winchester. It was recorded at the Blackpool Film Collectors’ Convention, Sunday the 26th of November at the Grand Hotel in Blackpool.

A huge thanks to Ged Jones, Adrian Winchester and the organizers for letting us publish this recording!

The Q&A session can also been seen as a video from Super 8 database.

More information about the convention can be found on their web page.

Highlights in this episode

  • We learn how Ged got employed
  • Branches and ventures
  • Deals
  • Adrian discovers he had a bootleg
  • Hard times when video arrives
  • Derann invest in 8mm when the others stopped
  • Derek spots an opportunity in the gents’ loo
  • Did Derek aim to be a world leader in Super 8?
  • Open days
  • Did Derek love to watch film?
  • The best and the worst part of working at Derann
  • Derek and Ged becoming consultants for “The Abyss”