07 – Special: Q & A with Ged Jones at Blackpool

The Humming Projector
The Humming Projector
07 – Special: Q & A with Ged Jones at Blackpool

At the Blackpool Film Collectors’ Convention in November 2022, Ged Jones, a former director at Derann, had a Q&A session lead by Adrian Winchester. In this special episode we are happy to provide the audio recording of the entire session. A huge thank you to Ged and Adrian for letting us publish this here on this podcast!

Highlights of this episode:

  • How Ged got the job at Derann
  • The rental business at Derann
  • How deals were made
  • Ged doing editing
  • The Disney deal
  • A projector damaging the rental films
  • Ged becoming a director
  • What happened to the negatives after Derann closed the doors?
  • The difficult years after the arrival of VHS