06 – Shooting Super 8

The Humming Projector
The Humming Projector
06 – Shooting Super 8

In this episode I talk to Simon McConway and Mark Norton about filming with Super 8. Why is it still fascinating, and why is filming on the format worth a lot of money? Get tips about filming, selecting a camera, adding audio and learn about their experiences.


  • Why are we still fascinated by shooting Super 8
  • My shot with Simon’s camera
  • What type of films do you shoot?
  • Audio – Striping of film and syncing external sources
  • Cameras, existing ones and the new from Kodak
  • Filming with Standard 8
  • Frame speed and how it affects the impression
  • What do they think about the future
  • Tips for those who want to try
  • Where can you learn more about filming


  • Super 8 magazine – A magazine made by Jürgen Lossau with content in both German and English
  • Click & Surr – Jürgen’s shop in Berlin